He’s Baccckk…

So Wayne is now released and here’s a first pic…


Still looks the same… Welcome Home Boo ❤


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Yay I can post!

Has anyone seen Halle’s ‘new look’ lately? Looks like Chris Brown went in on her face!

No no, I’m playin, no one hit her it’s just a role she’s playing inn a movie she’s working on! The look is complete with a new enhanced face, and fake boobies..


Kinda freaky huh?

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Teddy S’More Muffins

For some reason these looked so good, so I decided to share 😉


prep time 15 min
total time 35 min
makes 1 doz. or 12 servings, 1 muffin each


42 squares HONEY MAID Honey Grahams, finely crushed (about 3 cups crumbs)
1/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp. CALUMET Baking Powder
1 egg
1 cup milk
3 Tbsp. honey
1-1/2 cups TEDDY GRAHAMS Chocolate Graham Snack, divided
1/2 cup JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows


PREHEAT oven to 350F. Mix graham crumbs, sugar and baking powder in large bowl; set aside. Beat egg, milk and honey with wire whisk until well blended. Add to graham mixture; stir just until moistened. Stir in 1 cup of the graham snacks.

SPOON batter evenly into 12 medium muffin cups sprayed with cooking spray. Toss remaining 1/2 cup graham snacks with the marshmallows. Sprinkle evenly over batter; press lightly into batter.

BAKE 16 to 20 min. or until toothpick inserted in centers comes out clean. Let stand 5 min. in pan; remove from pan to wire racks. Cool slightly.

Source: KraftRecipes

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Basketball Wives’ spinoff huh?

I guess Shaunie O’Neal is doing her thing once again. Yes if you didn’t know she produced the show, and just like the last show ‘Basketball Wives’ ( which might I add most of them bitch’s wasn’t really even wives ) had  hella drama. Let’s hope this spin off follows closely behind the first, which I’m sure it will!

Here they are!

Pilar Sanders

Very pretty in my book I have no issues with this one so far …


  1. Wife of retired All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders

    Pilar and Deion have been married for twelve years and are parents to five active children who are following in their famous father’s athletic legacy. Every summer, Pilar and Deion host a camp for 300 children, which not only teaches them football but also the fundamentals of honor, discipline, respect and faith. To help ease the burden on the families of the campers, they frequently bring the children to their 50,000 sq foot home, which sits on over 100 acres in Prospect, Texas. Pilar points out jokingly that while she has a reputation for leading a glamorous lifestyle, people would be truly shocked to see that she is typically found in the kitchen whipping up meals for the family or sorting through mountains of laundry.

Chanita Foster

Her friggin lace front is killing me, and not it’s not killing me softly either!! I’m not sure that thing can really be considered a lace front.. it’s lightweight more like a shag rugg, so basically her hair is saying that VH1 ain’t payin her shit :/

Bio:Wife of Offensive Lineman George Foster, 7-year veteran with Denver, Cleveland, Detroit Chanita simply cannot be ignored. Not only is her 6-foot frame always blinged out from head to toe, but if she doesn’t have your undivided attention, she will demand it in a very loud way. In other words, it’s Chanita’s world and we all just happen to live in it. Chanita has been married to George for six years and they are parent to “six kids, three dogs, and a fish named JoJo”. In addition to building a school in Swaziland, Chanita is busy managing her clothing line which provides custom football jerseys for football player’s wives. Three of their children found their way in Chanita’s life through unconventional means: an adopted son in Swaziland (currently in the adoption process), the daughter of a neighbor who could no longer care for the girl, and a child from her husband’s previous relationship.

Amanda Davis

Umm..there’s a man in  there, somewhere.







wife of Dallas Offensive Lineman Leonard Davis

Amanda is a force of nature, a larger-than-life character who at once manages her family, Leonard’s high-profile career, a jewelry design company, and the couple’s chain of hamburger restaurants. Amanda and Leonard have been married for five years and are parents to two young daughters. Amanda strongly feels that it is important for the family to remain present in one another’s lives, which translates to lots of days on the road during football season to support Leonard, who is one of the highest paid players in pro football. Amanda is highly regarded in the football wife community due to her numerous charities and heavily attended Bible study at the Davis’ massive home.

Melani Ismail

Not much to say about her, seems okay on the show, but then again there’s always 4 sides to a story.


Bio: Wife of former college and pro football star Rocket Ismail

After meeting on a blind date, Melani and Rocket married four months later and welcomed their first child Little Rocket the following year. Fifteen years and four children later, the Ismails are a couple who truly enjoy being one another’s best friend, still behaving like newlyweds. With the youngest of the Ismail children reaching school age, Melani is looking to revitalize her once-promising music career which she had put on hold while raising the family. Rocket retired from the Dallas team at the top of his game, but now is dealing with the effects to his body from a long career in football. Melani is often the voice of reason, and also serves as a touchstone for women looking for advice on what it is like to be married to a pro football player.


Brittany Pigrenet

Yet another damn girlfriend who isn’t a “wife”.


  1. Girlfriend of Dallas kicker David Buehler Brittany met David while slinging chicken wings at the restaurant famous for their hot wings and even hotter waitresses. After a solid year of laughter and love, Brittany feels that her relationship with David is growing stronger and can see marriage and family in their future. The couple has taken the first steps in that direction by adopting a Malti-Poo named Spike and moving in together. Brittany has been supporting herself since her early teens and doesn’t expect to live off of David’s pro football salary. She has two waitress jobs to cover her bills and college tuition and refuses any financial support from David. Brittany has just begun her final semester in college and is an honors student hoping to receive a degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. She also loves to play Beer Pong.


Dawn Neufeld

Mmm hmm.. only time will tell..




Bio: Wife of Tight End Ryan Neufeld, 7-year veteran with Dallas, Jacksonville, Buffalo

College sweethearts Dawn and Ryan have been married for 10 years and are the parents of two children. Their first child Will has been diagnosed with the symptoms of autism, but is loving and responsive. Their daughter Bryn is two and is every bit a young woman, often prancing around in Mommies high heeled-shoes. Dawn met Ryan at UCLA, and then received her law degree at UC Davis. After passing the California State Bar Exam on the first try, Dawn placed her career on hold so that her husband could play pro football, where he was able to forge a career as a backup for a handful of seasons. After his Pro Football career, the family settled in Dallas where Dawn is practicing law part-time and Ryan is trying play one more year in the upstart UFL. Dawn and Ryan are encountering hardships that pro football families surprisingly endure more often than one would think. Despite living modestly, the costs of maintaining a home, toddler and child with special needs has taken a toll on their finances. Although their financial future is uncertain, Dawn is sure about one thing: that she married the right man.


Erin McBriar





Bio: Wife of Dallas Punter Mat McBriar Erin met her husband Mat while they were both attending college in Hawaii. As newlyweds, Erin helped to keep things afloat working long hours as clothing store buyer while Mat was training to become a pro football player. Erin has a realistic view when it comes to the lifestyle football can afford because she is aware that it can be taken away from her at any time. Erin considers herself to be a friend to all and avoids the cliques that can form amongst the wives. With Mat’s career underway, Erin is looking forward to owning a fashion boutique.


and last but no least…

Mercedes Nelson

Don’t get to happy people. She will no longer be “on” the show but rather “in”. Since her and the female with the rug on her head she calls a lace front got into it and there we’re items thrown and words exchanged. So the show’s producers thought it’d be a good idea Mercedes not be on the show. But you will be seeing her because she is in a couple of scenes…

Stay tuned for more information about the Mercedes Nelson and Chanita Foster disagreement.

Bio:Ex-girlfriend of star Dallas football player

Mercedes Nelson is a multi-talented singer (formerly in Dame IV) and burlesque dancer whose stunning, sexy exterior is contrasted by a reserved, educated, goal-focused, and religious mindset. Mercedes seriously dated a star football player on Dallas but recently ended the relationship to focus on her own career. Rather than being tied down in Texas, this go-getter chose to focus on achieving her goals in entertainment, education, and fashion (she is the creator of the Merci-Belle fashion line) in Los Angeles. But, still suffering from a bit of heartache, Mercedes has come back to Dallas to work on her fashion and to hopefully get some support on her many endeavors from her Football Wives colleagues.


Tune in Mondays @10:30 p.m. on VH1!!!!!

Beso Boo ❤

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A Boughetto baby shower

Before I start.. please know, I’m not bashing Phaedra Parks! I actually like her, but there’s just somethings that I really smh about… :/

and also This is not recent! Remember this is tv so we are on tv time.. the shower was around May 6, 2010 <<just happens to be my husband and I’s anniversary aww 🙂

She was due to give birth around July 2010, so yes the baby is here, we just haven’t got to see him yet.

This is Phaedra and her mother at her shower…(I friggin hate those white flowers btw.. chile you ARE NOT at a wedding, nor are you a flower girl, take um out and never repeat. )

I would say something about those damn stones on her eye lids but I think the media has bashed her enough for it..but still  I say… never let it happen again boo..

Last night was the new episode of the RHOA ( Real Housewives of Atlanta). Which in this episode it’s mainly about Phaedra’s baby shower, which was WAY over done!!!

Pheadra and Kandi B

First of all, If I were  Cynthia Bailey’s boyfriend.. I would of had to say something to Phaedra about her comments. Why she made it her business to question the man about how many children he has,I’ll never know, especially when she’s not the one sleeping with him.

Hell why did Cynthia even let her get as far as to get in their business like she did? She shoulda put her ass in her place!!!

Second this baby shower was too much. Too much for the people that we’re there, too much for the folks that weren’t, hell just too much for tv period! We know you have money honey, but to flaunt it and brag on your achievements most of the episode it NOT  ‘whats up’. As much as I’m tired of those two words, as of now that’s the only thing I could think of with out cussin too much.

All that I got, I have, I am… ya coulda kept that shit to your self home girl. Just remember where the hell ya came from is all I’m saying..

Anywho, I suppose the shower was a success playing off what I saw from last night it was anyway.

Of course it was nice and quite because Ms.NeNe wasn’t present.

NeNe was busy doing her thing at the Human Rights Campaign..Get it gurl.

As all of us RHOA fans know NeNe doesn’t too much care for Phaedra, so her absence wasn’t questioned.

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Makes ya think….why?

Tell me this is not what the kids are wearing these days?

They are serious with the damn skinny jean huh?














Now what would her grand babies think? She needs to go sit down somewhere and cover up!

And I’m mad at that Garfeild colored ass wig she’s wearing…








No but she’s serious though!I can’t even attempt to explain what I think she might of been pondering when she threw this mess together.. take a look see at the back ground action..








I’m done for tonight ya’ll..

Beso’s Boo ❤

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I may never eat meat again

Okay well if I do, just know I still feel for my little meaty friends 😦

Just so people know I’m not posting this video to be funny, I do not support this kind of stuff,but I did want to expose a little of what they are doing to get the meat that we buy.


this is just sad.




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Your 10 seconds are offically up !


Omg if he don’t quit it… really thought he was doing something here…

Knock it off boo, and let it go…



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30 mins Kanye???

What do ya’ll think about Kanye’s new video? Had me sitting there forever ..wtf?



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Our Bey Bey is Preggo!!!

So it’s out!!!Beyonce is pregnant !!

As reported by mediatakeout.com below:

October 20, 2010. There have been rumors of Bey being pregnant, and unconfirmed reports of her pregnancy . .. but never this.

MediaTakeOut.com can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM to the world that Beyonce and Jay Z are PREGNANT . . . with their first child together.

MediaTakeOut.com first caught wind of Bey’s pregnancy about 4 weeks ago. At the time, we were asked by people close to Beyonce to HOLD THE REPORT, until Bey reached her 3rd month of gestation.

Well yesterday, Beyonce reached 3 months . .. and so now the EMBARGO has been lifted. Congrats to both Jay Z and Beyonce, we know they’ll make GREAT PARENTS!!! The baby’s due date is mid April (the same month that Jay and Bey married).


I wish A happy and healthy 9 months to the couple!!!


Besos Boo ❤


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